5 tips: how to deepen the practice of meditation

The practice of meditation is both simple and complex.

The practice of meditation is both simple and complex. On the one hand, the recommendations are clear and obvious, on the other hand, meditation is a real way for a practitioner to improve his practice. If you are already meditating for a certain amount of time, you must have come across some difficulties and found your secrets to overcome them. If you are just starting your way, fasten your seat belts: you will find many interesting insights. We offer some tips on how to improve your meditation practice - it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or not.

  1. Remember your intention. Meditation solves many issues. Someone turns to her for wisdom, someone for harmony, someone for creativity. The main thing is to decide on the intention. Every morning, sitting down for 5 minutes in the Lotus position simply because it is useful, not so effective. But if you set the vector for your practice, it increases its strength at times. In addition, establishing an intention before practice is a great way to maintain motivation and not to lure.
  2. Take care of the place. The main condition for meditation is, of course, silence. Choose a time when you will not be distracted by households and mail notifications. You may need to wake up an hour earlier than usual to catch the time of home silence. The next moment is space and atmosphere. It is difficult for a modern person to concentrate, but calm music, a ventilated room, incense and cleanliness can create a certain mood.
  3. Sit back. There is a stereotype that meditation is some kind of austerity, during which you need to sit on a cold floor with a straight back, not paying attention to pain and fatigue. Perhaps such challenges are suitable for someone, but meditation is still about peace of mind and calm. If you need a pillow, a blanket, a wall and another support group for starters - any whim! Listen to yourself: what do you personally lack in order to close your eyes for 5 minutes and let go of all thoughts?
  4. Love the breath. Breathe in how comfortable you are, and not how it is accepted. Do not adapt to anyone whose rhythm, except yours. Hiding and feeling that you are pleased? Maybe it will be a short breath, not deep enough, a little confused. The main thing is that the process itself brings you satisfaction, that you think: wow, I didn’t think that breathing is so cool!
  5. Do not try to do everything right. There is no such thing as “right” in meditation. Yes, there are some criteria, but it all comes down to how much it clears your mind of thoughts. If you try to comply with some norms, a huge fat thought will reign in your head "norm". Listen to tips, read recommendations, but only to apply to yourself and see if they are right for you. Do not try to follow them at all costs.

Watch the video: MEDITATION 101 : 5 tips on how to deepen meditation practice (December 2019).

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